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 Our Story to Bring you 
  Natures Medicine 

Meet Tina
- "Britain's first female cannabis farmer"

Tina first began her venture into medical cannabis after exploring its befits for her husband, suffering from Cancer at the time. Since then her passionate advocacy for its use in Guernsey has made huge milestone possible in the islands history.

"Our mission is to meet the highest standard of customer care providing a personal service for patients to ensure a pertinent treatment is prescribed in a safe and transparent method using medicinal cannabis where appropriate. We have brought together an exceptional team in Guernsey with expertise in this new field of medicine that is dedicated to providing and developing excellence in treatment and the highest level of patient care.

Our aim is to enable access to medicinal cannabis for patients who will derive clinical benefit through consultation with expert doctors working within a framework approved by all relevant medical regulatory authorities."

- Tina Bolding,

Pura Health Founder and Director

Read more about Tina and her journey in this Daily Mail Article

Our Team.

Our team of dedicated staff and doctors have been selected based on their care and experience. Specialising in cannabis treatable conditions, they are here to offer comprehensive advice and guidance in choosing the best product for you.

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